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Believing is seeing

how-triscuits-work-1Hey guys. I don’t know if you like the podcasts or “triscuits”, but I really like them. I feel like I’m getting a lot accomplished all at once.

I get to kind of talk about stuff that I’m interested in, in little tidbits, get in and out really quick, and get them transcribed for like really cheap, so that’s pretty awesome too.

Now, my big thing is supporting truth and you living your truth and doing the things you came here to do.

I bring this up with my clients all the time because there’s always doubt and confusion and lack of trust in their own dreams, in their own desires.

I think why the fuck do you have that desire anyway if you’re not supposed to do it?

What are you here for if you’re not supposed to do the things that will bring you the most joy?

It doesn’t make any sense.

They question the desire to live creatively or to be big in this life.

To be bold, or to have something offer, or to teach, or to share, or to broadcast a message, to share a message or a truth.

They question their right or their ability or if that’s even really true.

Barbara Kruger Installation

Barbara Kruger Installation

It’s in YOU for a reason

I know I doubted for a long time, but it just doesn’t make any sense.

Why would that desire be there? Why would that little quiet voice speak these possibilities to you unless it was in you to do?

You don’t want to go and be scientist, (or maybe you do).

Maybe that’s your inner dialogue of truth is that you want to make an impact in science, and that’s great.

I never had a desire to be a lawyer. That was my dad’s dream.

I went to school and I took artsci and I took law courses with the idea that I was going to graduate and try for my LSAT and become a lawyer because I argued well.

This could've been me.

This could’ve been me.

I like debate. I like to dialogue. I like to converse.

It has more with wanting to know and learn truth, my own truth, and other people’s truth, and what’s true here in this world than it has anything to do with the law.

It’s not even arguing, it’s just curiosity. It’s my desire to know and learn what is true.

I never had a desire to be a lawyer but that’s in some people.

That’s in them.

Trust what’s in you.

Trust the quiet voice that speaks to you and leads you.

Come on, you know that voice. You know that quiet little whisper where most of us will just go, “Shut up, that’s bullshit, ridiculous.”

Invite that voice in, have a little dialogue.

Have a conversation. That voice has a lot to say and it says pretty awesome stuff.

Most of the time, we don’t want to believe it because how could it possibly be true, how could that be for us?


Who else is it for?

No one else is having those thoughts about your life. It’s your thoughts about your life, your deepest desires, and your intentions for why you came here, by the way. That’s all real.

It’s all real.

Don’t doubt it.

That’s why I’m here – to tell you to stop doubting it.

Start listening.

Start figuring out how you can do it in little steps every day.

Make it real. That’s what you came here to do.

It’s what you came here to do.

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