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Stony Lake near Burleigh Falls.

Stony Lake near Burleigh Falls.

Every year I go to a friends’ cottage with a bunch of ladies for an art weekend.

We do paint… but we also hang out and drink, eat snacks and talk about our art, our lives and our careers.

The cottage is owned by Wendy who is constantly blowing my mind about age.

At 84, Wendy is considering gallery representation.

She doesn’t paint large – but is working on completing a cohesive body of work revolving around the exploration of light evoking emotion through the landscape of the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario.

“I’m 84 – time to show in galleries.”

Okay, from now on I’m never allowed to claim “too old” as an excuse for not doing anything in my life, forever.

What would be cooler is if I had a picture of Wendy's actual paintings.  Sadly, no. Instead I have a picture of an almost complete alcoholic beverage.  That's just as good, right?

What would be cooler is if I had a picture of Wendy’s actual paintings.

Sadly, no. Instead I have a picture of an almost complete alcoholic beverage.

That’s just as good, right?

Wendy makes quick and complete mockery of that.

“I’m too old to exercise.”

Shut up. Whiner.
You’re not 84 – get your lumpy ass on that treadmill.

Go! Go! Go!

I admit, I’ve been guilty of “too late” thinking in the past.

I’ve only just rounded the corner on 40… what’s my excuse?

“My best years are behind me. It’s all downhill from here.”

What? Why??

You’re not dead yet. Stop being an asshole.

There’s a lot of ways we can talk ourselves out of doing and making a difference in our lives.

It’s the doing that makes the difference.

The point is to just start.

The win is in the action.


That’s the difference between realizing your satisfaction and transforming your life into the one you daydream about. Action.

Small steps is enough. It’s powerful.

Small, consistent, focused effort allows droplets of water to drill through solid rock.

Results are seen when the inner desires and the outer actions are in resonance.

It will look different in the beginning. It won’t be the idealized version.
Every painting looks like crap in the beginning. Life is like that.

Even in mid-career, we will be challenged and enlarged with a new endeavour, a new direction.
Become the new learner again, and just start.

One foot in front of the other.
One squat-lunge at a time.

Small steps will eventually circle the earth.

~Thanks Wendy.

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