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The guy behind her keeps taking pictures of himself with his phone… – Posted using

Oshawa pier… It smells funny here. – Posted using

Steph & I at the lake. Her camera is a year older than me. – Posted using

I reference my friend Stephanie a lot… but it’s because  she’s one of the most interesting people I know and I feel really lucky that she’s in my life. Stephanie’s a bit of a renaissance woman and possesses a lot of knowledge about a lot of different things: –IT programming, hardware, iPhone programming, lasers… tech-girl […]

I’ve had a glitchy Mac for the past couple months. It’s been slow and laggy and generally annoying me. So I told my IT guru Stephanie about the situation and she recommended I “repair permissions”…. what? I’ve never heard of this before – I know not what this is. I think it’s similar to someone […]

Cyber squatters and domain name shenanigans.

So Steph, my IT Goddess has got this little Luddite rocking the WordPress  – Woot to Infinity and Beyond!!!! Welcome to my first blog post – that may well be deleted after I’ve had a chance to bask in the glory of digital communication. I’ve seen my visitor counts and I know that you’re reading… […]

Hey all, things are slowly coming together. This site is under construction at the moment, you can get all your regular Peeling Onions fixes at the normal site for now. When we go live here, this will be it. Cheers!