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I got organized.

I got organized.

Today I show everyone my studio and where I work on a daily basis.

I also clean out my materials and ask whether it’s garbage or not to giveaway supplies I don’t use anymore?

I’ve tested all the pens and markers – everything works… it’s just not new.

You tell ME.


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This is the first in a 4 part Imaginism Studios Feature Friday series. Next up is Kei Acedera. Bobby Chiu people. Character concept on Alice in Wonderland, Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Sony…. I can’t believe I haven’t featured him before now. I guess because he’s doing so much and everywhere that I thought you’d all […]

Now, I can’t move forward though, until I clean up – like it literally is a resistance within me to move forward into something new until I clean up.

I can’t start something new in the detritus of the past project. It’s like an inner/outer thing.

I ordered this online from Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is organized in sliding scale of transparent / staining / semi & opaque paradise. The top are mixed pigment Daniel Smith colours. The empty spot is for the Holbein Irodori colours that I’m getting. *art organisation orgasm* – Posted using It’s got hooks that […]

These squeeze bottles have different sized nozzles on them and are great for streaming paint &/or water onto paintings. – Posted using

If you’re a gregarious artist that needs to have people around and social interaction to be comfortable, maybe a home-based studio isn’t your best choice.

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