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It’s true, I’m taking a small break from regular posting. I’ll still be working on comics – making new previously unpublished comics for Volume III and other work for Chicago and FanExpo. I’m also going to explore creating long-form works that I’ll publish when complete. I need time to pat down the foundation of my life so that I can actually build something on it and I’d like to try creating webcomics that don’t require a weekly publish deadline.

Because the time between posting will be erratic, adding your email to the Mail Chimp list (in left sidebar called “Comics Updates” and immediately below) will put you on our list to be contacted when the new comics are updated. RSS feed will work and I’ll be letting people know on Facebook and Twitter that I’m posting new comics – the Mail Chimp is just another option.

We will never use your email for evil. Promise. Plus you can unsubscribe at anytime.

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Thanks everyone for your understanding and support. I’m excited to be able to create in a new way with less timely stress and more focus on the skill of the craft; I hope this will lead to better quality comics, which is a win for everyone.
You guys are great. I’ll be back before you know it.

Summer’s here. Let’s go outside.