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I’ve written about this before – I bring it up again because I think it’s so important to recognise and reward yourself for progress & accomplishments, regardless of how insignificant you think they are.

Beginnings Are Hard

C’mon… difficulties at the beginning stop most things from ever happening at all.

You’ve started down the art path. It’s challenging, difficult – but you’ve persevered – good for you.

Fuc*ing. Good. For. You. For realz.

Congratulations, you Have the Courage to Suck.

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We’re all totally flawed and broken. Wounded, wrong and totally awesome. Trying to be Perfect I wasted a lot of time trying to be perfect. But the definitions and requirements of perfect changed depending on who was looking. I was always failing someone’s test, so I stopped playing. I gave up trying to be… anything […]

Make it easier for your supporters to give you money in as many different ways as possible.

Actually… I consider losing my job to be one of the greatest gifts the Universe could have given me.

The Universal pot is abundant and self-reproducing and infinite. EVERYONE can be successful and abundant. There is NO limit to success.

Love your way and embrace the value and uniqueness of your particular artistic style. Download your inspirational colouring pages to remember to LOVE YOUR WAY!

In order to do something well, you must first be willing to do it badly.

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Nastassia Davis [] / Foter / CC BY-NC We all need some support and encouragement when walking this art path. This is a collection of some of the more “huggy” of my motivate posts. These will encourage you to keep going or maybe see things in a new way – so it’s not so “end […]