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Pinterest & Fancy

Lately artists have been going berserk over Pinterest.



I have to admit, I’m on the wagon and pinning the crap out of everything.

It’s GREAT… and inspiring and fun and easy. I lurv it.
Lurv, lurv, lurv…


There are issues.
(caveat – there are issues in early March as I write this… now it’s May, maybe issues are resolved… or Pinterest is no longer…)


Firstly – Pinterest… WTF?

Okay, Pinterest describes itself as an online pinboard… Really?


What Pinterest is…
is an online playground of colour and images that are a breeze to organize and share and find later!!

Here’s a look at my boards:

I’ve organized my boards into stuff that I’m interested in. I’ve got my own art up on a couple boards…

Here are the boards of Lori McNee – the fine art social powerhouse:

Same thing here – Lori’s organized her boards into topics she’s interested to collect images about, she’s got a board of her own art and anyone can ‘pin’ these images to their own boards.

The really funsies part of this site is how easy it is to aggregate gobs and gobs of beautiful, inspiring art and photography and have them easily findable again. All the awesome art you can find and re-pin, all on one board, at your finger tips…

…aaaaaaahhhhhh…. (collective artist sigh – I heard you)

The Problem… darn it

So, it’s not all love fest on Pinterest. There’s copyright whojit-whatsit-cornholios in the Terms of Service.

I’m not a lawyer, I don’t want to get into it. I get it, but I don’t care… not really. You go read if you want:

Lori McNee presents a balanced view on her blog, Fine Art Tips.

Kirsten Kowalski is a lawyer and tearfully deletes all her boards.

Alyson Stanfield talks about it on her Art Biz Blog and basically has the same view on the situation as I do.

Pinterest offers you as an artist another (free) venue online to show and share your art. I will continue to put my work up to be shared and pinned by anyone that wants to. I’m happy to think that my illustrations inspire another artist. I’m glad that I’m being inspired by the incredible art that I see being pinned.

In regards to pinning the art of others, I’ve decided that I will only pin off the internet if the owner of the site has a share button for Pinterest on their site. That seems like an okay to share from my point of view, and that will be my barometer.

I’m not a lawyer – I’m not giving legal Pinterest advice. I’m just sharing what my plan is from here on.

(notice that I have Pinterest pins on my site…) Anyhooo… onwards.


Fancy (bitches)


Fancy is upscale, techy Pinterest. With a less intuitive interface and annoying “I’ll make a category for you – that you’ll just have to delete anyway” function. Fuck you Fancy.

It’s pretty cool, but I feel like the loser at the party with the rich kids. It’s very high-end gadgets and vacation destinations and starvation-thin models in designer clothes being bored with their excess.

But pretty pictures. Here’s my “catalogue”:


Great… there’s a ranking system on Fancy. I’m a 10. Out of what?


Awww, geeeeez….