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Salt is a solid texture stand-by for a reason.

It provides a variety of unpredictable texturizing results depending on the size and spread of the grains and adds a crystallization that is incredibly effective at evoking ice and snow.


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My favourite is to use the Safety rock salt for de-icing driveways and sidewalks.

But I’ve had good success with regular table salt, kosher and sea salt.

The most important part is putting it on at the right time: not puddly wet, not dry.

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This is SO my favourite texture.

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Frozen watercolour sounds like the most badass texture of them all. It’s not. It’s the biggest disappointment of my LIFE.

Today we take a walk down the wild side and texture acrylics with blowing bubbles. CRAZY.

This is part II of the illustrious “dish soap” investigation into watercolour texture.

More textured watercolour with household items. Experiment and spark ideas with dish soap!

MOAR TEXTURE coming your way!! If you saw the rice paper texture demo, this is it’s flashier cousin, Plastic Wrap. Between the two, I preferred the plastic wrap. Because it’s not absorbent, the plastic wrap didn’t absorb any of the pigment, so maintained a really vibrant and high contrast texture. Seriously. Google Image search “texture”. […]

I super love love LOVE texture… so I’m always on the lookout for incorporating and creating texture in my paintings. I haven’t tried rice paper or plastic wrap for 20 years, so I thought it was a good time to revisit these two easy and accessible textures which can be used effectively for both watercolour […]

Check out texturing watercolour and acrylic with rubbing alcohol. #2 in my experiments with watercolour texture using household items.

Texture Medium for Watercolour. Ooooh, texture!