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Artist Myth #7: One Big Break Will Make Your Career

There is no such thing as one big break. This doesn’t happen in any profession, and art is no exception. All great achievements happen through many small acts, staged consistently over time.
~Aletta de Wal

I watched “Behind the Music” obsessively as a teen, and if there’s one truth that was hammered home, it’s that there are NO overnight successes. Every Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara and Eminem struggled in obscurity for years… most of them, for over a decade.

The only way to ‘win’, is to keep at it. To commit to your goal, practice and improve and be ready when opportunity knocks…

photosylvia / silabox / Foter

Fortune Favours the Brave

Take risks in exhibiting and broadcasting and expanding your art style and techniques. One small fail will not kill your career. Practice taking advantage of, and recognizing opportunities for art that are all around you, in your neighbourhood, every day.

The reACTion Lab


  • list every way that you can possibly think of to remain in front of peoples faces >> be goofy and ridiculous and impossible – they often lead to some really awesome ideas.
  • imagine where you want to be in 5 years >> list everything that’s required to get there. Break it down.
  • what can you do today that will be the first step to your 5 year goal? Do it.

Keep working at your art, keep your eye open for opportunities, expand your creative functions to create opportunities for yourself and others that wouldn’t be without you.


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“I often hear artists say that they are too right-brained to do left-brained business tasks. They imagine that getting a gallery means that they will be able to wash their hands of the filthy business side of art. They assume that the gallery will handle every aspect of marketing and selling their work.”