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©2012 Lezley DavidsonAt the risk of saying this again, there’s a difference between a “Contact List” & your “Email List”.

Knowing this can be the difference between growing a healthy list that supports your art business… and getting black-listed by your host and having all your emails marked as spam. (wah waaaaah)

The people on your email list give you permission to contact them.

They have signed up for your mailing list, then confirmed that they want to be on your mailing list through your contact software provider, like MailChimp.

This is called a “double opt-in” and prevents anyone from signing up friends or family against their wishes.

Contacts however…

…are all the random people you can meet in your life: at parties, in the grocery store, at workshops and events, at the post office, in group meetings…

You can grab their business cards and contact info.

You can email them and let them know about your art biz, but you can’t mass email them the way you would your list. You have to be much more personal and one on one.

This is called the “spoon feeding” method of growing your list.

It’s labour intensive, but has a high degree of personal connection which can often translate into loving loyalty.
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Refilling Copic Inks.

In case you missed any of the Copic marker tips this month.

Here’s my Yupo paper test. It’s pretty cool. And here’s the final scanned so you can have a closer look. The Yupo was pretty fun.