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Chrysalis(Pupa) of a Common Crow Butterfly (Euploea core)

Chrysalis(Pupa) of a Common Crow Butterfly (Euploea core)

I talk a lot about leading with your core.

Working from your core. Broadcasting from your core.

The bright and shiny heart diamond that gets you fired up about what you do.

The entire “Branding, Message and Voice” was about shiny core.

But guess what?

I haven’t finished my own work on this yet. The cobblers kids go without shoes. The Marketer’s business goes unevaluated.

“Walk the talk Lady.”

So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Digging into my source. My shiny core.

It’s pretty awesome. It’s bringing alive parts of my life that I hadn’t realized I’d killed.

Parts that are pure magic and juice and life.

Put in the effort for fuck’s sake.

The coherence of inner and outer resonance has started to come up quite frequently.

The idea that the beautiful inner ideas and believes are wanting to find expression and mirroring in my brick and mortar life.

I don’t live in a shit pile, but I generally don’t spend a lot of time making my surroundings beautiful.

Comfortable… YES.
Beautiful? …no.

These new found shiny core beams demand to be recognized. They demand to become amulets of beauty and power in my life.

They live to “be seen dammit and put some fucking effort in there lady. Geezus”. (Are we at all surprised that the shiny core is bossy and demanding and wants it the way she want it? No. We are not.)

So that’s what I’ve been doing and will be doing for the next little while at least – painting my studio and installing the shelves I’ve wanted so I can display the art and amulets I’ve been collecting.

I’m making a conscious effort to create in my outside world the beauty and majesty that I see with my inner eye every day.

It’s worth it. It’s coherence. It’s resonance.

It’s practice.

It’s practicing making real what was previously just mental image.

It’s a way to show the gifts and the shiny core that they can live on the outside.

They’ll be taken care of.

Honoured. Respected.


Truth & Fucking Majesty

Of course there’s a swear.


This is ¬©Storm Oak – Lezley Davidson 2014, 8″ x 8″, watercolour on paper with ink.

There’s a lot of powerful nature images working for me in this process.

It tickles me to combine different aspects into a fantastical creature/nature thing. Thus “Storm Oak”.

Toothless x 2.

Toothless x 2.

I’ve also been excited to find out that toys are on the table for effective reminders of greatness.

The whole comics institution is rich with characters that feed into differing shiny core gifts and stories.

There is a sense of coming to grips with my “cute” and finding a comfort in my way of art.

Cute can also be fucking majestic.


This is where I’ve been. Where are you at?

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