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Social Media Image Sizes header
Social Media Cheat Sheet smallIf you’re like me you probably can’t remember what size the header is supposed to be on your Facebook profile…

AND you can’t remember where you put the size since the last time you went to change it and realized that you didn’t know what it was and THIS time you would make sure to put that info in a safe place. But then didn’t.

Booo-urns limited humans.

(That’s like me not bookmarking a website because “Oh, I’ll TOTALLY remember that the next time I need it.” I NEVER rememember.)

That’s why I love the people who makes these.

Helpful infographic lists of all the image sizes we need to remember.

Now, download it and save it with a title that you’ll remember. lol.

The cheat sheet has image sizes and formats for:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIN
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Twitter &
  • Tumblr

Click here to get yours.



This just in for those of you on Tumblr:

1) The profile photo (avatar) appears as 64 by 64 pixels (not 128 by 128 pixels) on the Dashboard.
2) The maximum size for avatars is 512 by 512 pixels.
3) Tumblr no longer accepts BMP files.
4) Images now appear as 540 pixels wide (maximum) by 810 pixels high (maximum) on the Dashboard.
5) Animated GIFs must be under 2 MB. Also, the 500-pixel reference is outdated. GIFs can be 1280 x 1920 as long as they are under 2 MB.
6) Finally, consider using the most recent Tumblr “t” logo.from

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