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I’ve written about this before – I bring it up again because I think it’s so important to recognise and reward yourself for progress & accomplishments, regardless of how insignificant you think they are.

Beginnings Are Hard

C’mon… difficulties at the beginning stop most things from ever happening at all.

You’ve started down the art path. It’s challenging, difficult – but you’ve persevered – good for you.

Fuc*ing. Good. For. You. For realz.

Congratulations, you Have the Courage to Suck.

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Colour doesn’t matter as much as tonal value and contrast. Stick to the end of the article for the bonus life tip… That I wish I remembered 20 years ago.

I want to talk today about a matrix concept of residual self image and alignment and coherence. Now, your self image is… & I don’t mean body image, okay? I mean self image, like “how do you see yourself?” “What’s the image of you that you carry around with you in your head” and does […]

Listen here. I go a little off the rails in today’s podcast… I’m all about “The Meaning” and I think it’s vitally important for artists to understanding how their art is connecting to their audience. It makes it easier to create relevant and effective marketing material and makes it more likely that you’ll be connecting […]

Love your way and embrace the value and uniqueness of your particular artistic style. Download your inspirational colouring pages to remember to LOVE YOUR WAY!

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