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Dorland Cold Wax
This is a video that’s growing in popularity on my channel, so I thought I’d share it on the website too for those interested.

Apparently, mixing the cold wax with a bit of Liquin by Winsor Newton (quick dry alkyd resin for oils), will help the cold wax “cure” and set up hard as a varnish and not remain pliable.

Excited to revisit this because the surface quality on paper was really awesome.


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Today I demo Gedeo Glazing Resin, a high gloss resin finish for artwork. This one is pretty cool because it’s soap and water clean-up and creates a beautiful bevelled edge on top of wooden supports.

I test Pebeo’s Glazing Resin on a gallery stretched canvas. I particularly like the bevelled edge you can achieve with the product.

Today we talk Varnish. Varnish for Acrylics and in a couple upcoming episodes we’ll finish off with Varnish for Oil and Watercolour (yes, watercolour).   Words: This is Lezley Davidson with Peeling Onions and Art Answers & Ampersands or Art A&A as we’ll eventually call it, I’m sure. So today we’re going to talk about […]

I created a series of textured Kanji paintings using snake skin, molding paste and glazing techniques. They were all finished with a high shine 2 part resin varnish. Watch the video to learn how to do it for your own work.