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No-TrollYou know what I hate?

YouTube trolls.

Anonymous, non-contributing, juvenile name-calling, useless wastes of digital flesh.

I have never gotten a shitty comment from anyone who actually makes videos or contributes anything of value to the community or the discussion.

Not once. Not ever.

I can almost guarantee that any derogatory comment or arrogant, insult-laden reply is coming from some anonymous douche bag that has made exactly zero videos of their own.

You know why?

Because trolls are cowards.

It’s easy to be an anonymous dickhole and take

I feel blessed that my image search for "dickhole" didn't end up a LOT worse.

I feel blessed that my image search for “dickhole” didn’t end up a LOT worse.

shots at people putting their creations out into the public space.

It’s the easiest thing to take a big anonymous shit on someone else’s hard work when you’ve got no stake in the game and nothing else to offer.

It’s easy and it takes zero effort and it puts the troll at zero risk of being made accountable for their shitty, useless behaviour.

“Well… that’s the internet”

Fuck that.

Trolls don’t get a pass on the internet for being a fucktard waste of space.

This is never a thing. Stop being a douche.

This is never a thing. Don’t be a douche.

It’s people there.

Real people.

Real people that don’t deserve that kind of dismissive treatment.

We don’t get a pass for acting on the internet in ways that we would never dream of doing in real life.

Face to face.

And that’s just it – trolls don’t act like this is their daily life.

When we live our lives in the fullness of authentic expression and self-directed ownership to advocate for ourselves and our rights and how we want to be treated – we don’t need to let off steam at strangers on the internet.

Living life takes courage.

It take courage to act in a way that advocates for the life we want to live.

It takes courage to go after what we want and speak up about how we want to be treated.

It takes courage to own the results of our life – and not take our feelings of frustration and anger out on strangers!


It’s courageous to live

with our hearts open.


no Dogs PoopingTrolls are cowards and weaklings.

No one who feels empowered and active in their own life dumps random anonymous shit balls on strangers.

Trolls need to fuck off with using the internet to release their impotent, frustrated rage.

Okay. End rant.

I feel better now. Thanks for listening.


No, I don’t have much compassion or sympathy for trolls.

Maybe they are victims themselves. owning my own shit

Maybe trolls live sad, ineffectual, impotent lives – but they don’t own it.

I don’t feel much compassion for people who don’t own their shit and find relief taking a dump on others.

It’s ugly.

It’s just not even trying.

Fuck THAT.

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