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Vicky Nerino starts off my couple months of local Toronto women artists awesomesaucyness. That’s right. All chicks. All Toronto. All awesome.

Anyone want to girl crush? (me! me! me!)

I have a Vicki Original:

Give it to Me Baby by Vicki Nerino

Seriously, check out her obscene page, it’s HILARIOUS.
(*nsfw* – if you didn’t get the hint with “obscene”)

Rohmoohyun ©Vicki Nerino

I first wrote about Vicki here.

Oh, yeah… and I felt her up here.

Ahhhh… girl crush.


Since I’ve started doing my webcomic, I’ve been struck with the occasional GIRL CRUSH, which is similar to a regular boy crush, minus the fleshy desire (mostly – but we’re not talking about that here, Pamela Anderson). I’ve registered to myself that my Girl Crushes are a result of respect, admiration and a certain coveting […]