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Here's the finished piece - click to get in on the full video.

Here’s the finished piece – click to get in on the full video.

Ahoy there!

We’re all about ‘watercolouring’ these days.

I’m putting together a Free Learn to Watercolour course to give everyone the opportunity to learn foundation skills in watercolour.

I’ll be showing you how to paint in watercolour using foundation skills.
We’re also posting a “watercolour minute” which is a short minute video of the essential skill pulled from the full class.

Today’s Watercolour Minute is:

The Flat Wash



Upcoming Watercolour Skills:



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I think it’s more important for people to jump in and start painting than worry about spending a lot of money for “quality” materials.

Quality has it’s place – but just get painting and you can start with as little as $20.

I was kinda digging the Copic markers on the wood pad – so I did a whole pumpkin marker drawing and I’m not hating it.

So today we have a bit of a chat about art and an idea about different types of arting styles by Malcolm Gladwell. I like him.

So I finally got around to testing out the Kizara Wood Pad with some mixed results. I tested graphite, felt tip, brush pen, watercolour and Copic markers.

Today I show everyone my studio and where I work on a daily basis. I also clean out my materials and ask whether it’s garbage or not to giveaway supplies I don’t use anymore? You tell ME.

I talk about schadenfraude, Chris Farley, first followers, dead people and stepping up to help and the people I want to have in my life. It’s a full plate.

Here is a quick, cheap and easy way to paint wet in wet without having to go through the whole rigamarole of “stretching”.

Everyone likes some stained glass – so here’s… dum, dum DAAAH – Pebeo Vitrail! on Mylar. Kicking it like it’s stained glass for realz.

Except it’s not.