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I got organized.

I got organized.

Today I show everyone my studio and where I work on a daily basis.

I also clean out my materials and ask whether it’s garbage or not to giveaway supplies I don’t use anymore?

I’ve tested all the pens and markers – everything works… it’s just not new.

You tell ME.


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I talk about schadenfraude, Chris Farley, first followers, dead people and stepping up to help and the people I want to have in my life. It’s a full plate.

I have image and body issues and I’ve been struggling with ideas and beliefs around appearances and because of that have shied away from showing myself in my business, on my website or on YouTube.

This vlog is one of the small steps I’m taking to be seen.

To be seen in my life and work and be seen and speak about what is important to me in my life.