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May Ann Licudine

May Ann Licudine “MALL”

Meet “MALL” or Shardula (on Instagram) or May Ann Licudine… the maker of beautiful visions of magical worlds.

May Ann is an illustrator from the Phillipines who has overcome some serious body health issues in her life to emerge robust and oozing magical art dust on everything she touches.

I was encouraged to follow Shardula on IG by my friend May Fan – and I’m glad she did.

MALL works in acrylic, gouache, washi tape and on wood. She also has a beautiful collection of 3D sculptures – both freestanding and cute dioramas nestled into wooden nests.

There are no words that can come close to her work – so please, enjoy the gallery.

You can find MALL / Shardula / May Ann Lucidine on Instagram, her Website, Blog, deviantART and Gallery.

The May Ann Lucidine Gallery

Click on images to embiggen:

I immediately ran to Amazon to buy this pencil when I saw MALL using it in a video.

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