Tara Reed Designs & The Art Licensing Academy

Tara Reed Designs & The Art Licensing Academy

Yep… there’s a theme this month.

The theme is Art Licensing and your guru is Tara Reed.

Interestingly, Tara has a degree in marketing that when paired with her whimsical art talent has resulted in a very successful art licensing career.

Started in 2004 in Portland, Oregon – Tara Reed Designs Inc. creates “Art products that make you smile.”

We create happy!

CatDish-250w-TaraReedTara creates her illustrations with a combination of watercolour and Photoshop, allowing her quick colour changes and the ability to customize her illustrations to suit a variety of products.

Tara Reed Designs can be found on a variety of commercial products:


  • gifts and stationary
  • fabric and framed art
  • dishes for pets or people
  • kitchen textiles
  • coasters
  • rubber stamps and much more…


Tara Reed Designs has a secondary personalization site called “Let’s Personalize It!” where the customer can order custom-made art and wall hangings for their home.

Starting March 25, Tara is running the Art Licensing Academy for artists interested in using their art to license to manufacturers for use on commercial products.


If this sounds like something that suits your art style and fits into your art biz plan – check out The Art Licensing Academy starting March 25th:


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