Terracotta, Ontario

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    Paul Quinn says:

    you’d like where I live. there are lots of little shops etc. and we don’t have a ban on ice cream on mondays.

    Alex K. says:

    God this fucking sucks. Learn how to draw comics, I mean no, just learn how to draw. period. Have you read Garfield before? That’s a really good book you can study from. All the basic elements of comic strip storytelling is in that book. Honestly, stop being so cliche. Your storyline is worse than a bad romantic comedy.

    Alice Quinn says:

    Dude no one is pulling you arm. But if you do want to read Peeling Onions, & critque it in a comment – at least do it with some tact. Think about it, if all you’re going to do is bash the art style & name call “bad romantic comedy” then you are just going to put people on the defensive. Rather then having a discusion that you or Lezley can learn & grow from, you are just picking a fight. Seriously has anything good come from a comment like that, other then this heroic speech?

    You’re so cute… *kiss*kiss*

    MIchael Cho says:

    Can you actually take seriously a critique from anyone who points out Garfield as a “really good book” to study cartooning from?


    You’re like cake – it makes everything better. (grins).

    Paul Quinn says:

    not to mention the fact that this is an auto-bio comic strip. so what the fuck does garfield have to with it? chester brown, joe matt and jason marcy are better examples of how a strip like this should be done. you’ve been doing this for a year now and I see the improvement with every strip. the fact that you’ve kept this up is a major achievment. and as for “learn how to draw” I’d llke this putz to point out examples that show everyone you can’t draw. I’m waiting art critic boy.

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