This is the last of the current investigation of texture effects on water media.

I AM however going to be experimenting with spraying using the texture mediums – so we’ll see how that all works out.



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Wet Watercolour Hydrogen Peroxide


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    Texture Effects – Hydrogen Peroxide & Water Media.

    This is the last texture effects experiment. However, I've finally picked up a dozen bottles, so I can experiment with spraying this stuff on my paint. (yay!).

    Jane Bucci says:

    This little demo was great! I will be trying this! Thanks!

    Karen says:

    Thank you so much!!!! Awesome website! I was in a funk….you gave me inspiration AND you’re Canadian too!!! Whooohooo!!! Thanks again!!

    Lezley says:

    You’re welcome Karen! I’m glad you’re enjoying, and thanks for letting me know!!

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