Shepard Fairey, artist of iconic "Obama Hope" poster.

Shepard Fairey, artist of iconic "Obama Hope" poster.

Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio by Copyblogger, published a podcast interview with Seth Godin about marketing, when to market, how to market and how things work online now.

In true ‘make art – Godin style’, Seth used Shepard Fairey as his example of how to market successfully in our current online reality.

The 5 Steps to Art Success
(according to Seth Godin)

Seth Godin on Fast Company

~ Seth Godin ~

“Bit by bit, step by step…”:

1. Tell a story that people can connect to.

2. Build a tribe that connect to your story and your message.

3. Earn the trust of your tribe, earn their permission to contact them.

4. Make connections.

5. Make recognizable art. Iconically – you art.

Now allow success and abundance to grow over time.

That is all.

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