Jason Edmiston

©Jason Edmiston

©Jason Edmiston

My whole life I’ve been jealous of those who knew exactly what they wanted to do and went after it with full commitment.

Jason Edmiston is one of those people.

He was committed to becoming an illustrator for as long as I’ve known him (grade 9), and I assume from much earlier than that. The classes he took and the decisions he made were always in support of his final goal of becoming an illustrator.

We used to work together and he brought art to our job so that he could work on it during breaks.

He knew what he wanted and pursued it. As you can imagine, now he’s emerging at the top of his field.


Stupid Interesting Things

Not me. Nope. I couldn’t possibly become dedicated to one thing. Oh no… too much of interest in the world.

Writing AND drawing AND admin organizing stuff…

AND online marketing AND physics AND web apps AND teaching AND audio/video publishing AND… and…and… Dammit.


..and I’m good at a lot of different things. Not to brag – I’d relish some focus… it’d be nice to suck at a bunch of stuff and then be left with the one thing I was REALLY good at. But no. Multi-talented… and I know there are a bunch of you out there that feel exactly the same way.


Renaissance Souls

That’s what Margaret Lobenstine calls us in her book “The Renaissance Soul”, and it’s something I can relate to. There are a lot of people in my life that fall into this category – lots of passions, lots of skills, lots of talents – no focus.

I’ve always managed my passions with the simple adage to – follow joy.

It’s a fine adage, but honestly – some focus would be nice.

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