I’m finished the 2013 Harvest.

I’ve gone through my spreadsheets.

I’ve crunched the numbers.

I don’t have my plans for 2014 yet, but I’ve got a good understanding of what’s working in my biz… and what’s not.

Sales & Customers

I grew my sales this year by doubling my customers, doubling my repeat customers and adding more revenue streams.

I added 3 new classes last year.

Selling them was great because it’s passive income – which means that once the work is done I can sell it over and over without having to do anything more.

In 2012, I only had consulting hours to sell, so every purchase required an hour (plus prep) of my time. Passive incomeYouTubeWebsiteLink just required my systems to work.

It’s in your best interest as an artist to consider what kinds of passive income will fit with your meaning and brand.

Prints and art cards and merch are great ideas, but wait until the demand is there for limited edition prints. You know you’re ready for prints when you can’t keep up with the demand for originals.


YouTube added a small revenue stream this year.

With every video added and every subscriber subscribed, that’s more views and more ad revenue from Google.

I was able to enhance revenue by following the YouTube tutorials and making sure I had completed all their suggestions for retaining views.

This part of my business will just continue to grow.

You may want to consider adding video and YouTube to your revenue stream. It starts out small… but everything is cumulative over time.

It adds up.

Plus – it’s another great way to spread your exposure.

Email List

My mailing list tripled this year – and that’s just from exposure and asking for the sign up.

A lot of artists forget to simply ask:

Ask for the sale.
Ask for the sign up.
Ask for the share.

Asking gets better results than not asking. Always.

Welcome to the United States of AmericaMy list is now 60% American – Hello America!


The US has 313.9 million people, almost 10x the size of Canada… and we have the longest undefended border in the world.

But apparently there’s a ‘no touching zone’ along the whole thing. Who knew?

Website Traffic & Referrals

Traffic to my website grew 42% over last year. That’s just from posting on social media consistently.

I use a service called Buffer that helps me schedule out all my updates so they continue going out without me having to look at it again until it’s empty.

Buffer helped me grow my traffic by 42%.

My top referrers are Facebook, YouTube and Hootsuite/Buffer. (There’s YouTube again – creeping up there. I need to pay more attention to YouTube this year).

Google Organic (search) traffic accounts for 35% of all traffic to my site, which makes me think it might be time to fine tune SEO on my site. Maybe look into Adwords…

Maybe hire someone to do that for me.



My Facebook page likes tripled this year… but those likes had

Zero affect on my sign up list.

Zero. Likes on Facebook is JUST likes on Facebook. It’s doesn’t mean more sign ups or more sales.

And since the new algorithm – it doesn’t even mean that the people that like your page will even see your updates.

“In other words, the main reason to acquire fans isn’t to build a free distribution channel for content; it’s to make future Facebook ads work better.”

I spent money to get those likes. I paid approximately $.32 a like and now those people that I paid for won’t see my updates unless I pay again to promote my posts.

Fuck you Facebook.

I’m not spending another dime.

What I did learn though was that artists are 4x as likely to share, like and comment on list posts, infographics and updates where you’re asked to talk about your art. 😀

Coming Up…

I’ll be posting my plans for 2014 later this month.

I’ll be talking about differentiating, target markets and the rule of 80/20 – all of which apply to you and your art biz.

Stay tuned.

Oh yeah – The 2014 Art Biz Almanac is on sale until Jan. 31 – and I’ve already sold a bunch since I released it earlier this week – thanks peoples!

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