Throwing Mortarboards GraduationWhen you decide to become a lawyer or doctor there is a prescribed path – actual steps that need to be taken to achieve your goal:

  • Go to university & get an honours degree
  • apply for the LSAT or the MCAT or whatever “AT” is suitable to your field
  • go to graduate school
  • intern or article
  • be hired as a lawyer or doctor or other “professional path” career
  • wait for abundance to pour in all your open holes… haha (AFTER you’ve paid off your student loans which are as much as the average mortgage)

No map for a Creative “Soul First” Biz

There just isn’t.

Every creatives’ path is different.

And it HAS to be different.

Oh sure, there may be similarities:

  • we all need a website
  • mailing list
  • storefront
  • promotion engine…

…and I guess that’s about it, because creative soul first businesses are fueled by your individual fucking connection to soul.

There’s no map for that.

There’s no “how-to-step-by-step-guide” for building that business.

There is only committing to jumping off the ledge onto the invisible bridge or entering a jungle that reveals only one step at a time.

Your choice.

…maybe it’s both – AND it’s every day

Every day we need to re-commit to the soul first path.

We need to re-commit and jump off the ledge onto the invisible bridge.

We say yes to a bigger more powerful truth. A truth that we know is real – but isn’t quite before us yet.

I do this every day. I HAVE to commit every day – sometimes multiple times a day because there is no alternative.

There is nothing else I’d rather be doing than living a life and a biz guided by soul first.

This requires deep courage and belief.

This is not easy. It’s not easy to not know the whole path, but to trust anyway.

It’s not easy to jump off the ledge without first seeing the bridge and the way forward.

This is what’s needed

to change everything.

Faith • Belief • Trust • Action

This is what we need more as Soulopreneurs (lol).

We need the tools, support and encouragement to continue making this commitment to higher guidance and following the soul first biz.

We need ways to believe and trust in our visions and keep the gremlins at bay.

We need tools to remove blocks and shitty belief patterns that keep us stuck.

SmileDarkSweaterWe need tools to erase doubt & derision and the rest of the gang of negative voices that live in our heads with us.

(I know these voices well – I’m in a constant awareness battle to remain connected to Beloved Presence and not fall victim to the insidious barrage of self-defeating thoughts.)

We need to take these tools and turn them into habits.

We need to do this often enough and repeatedly enough that it becomes second nature to turn to the guidance from our Beloved Presence and move into the world from that place – create our business daily from that place.

It’s a soul habit.

A soul habit for your soul first biz… and soul first life.

‘Cuz what the f*ck’s the point otherwise… right?

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