The joy of no rotting corpse.

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    MIchael Cho says:

    nice drawing on that 3rd panel. As frustrated as that face looks, its a very well executed drawing 🙂

    Thanks! *blushes*

    Sometimes the art force is with me, sometimes not. You’re so my Yoda.

    Jason Marcy says:

    Hurray for that! We thought we had “rotting mouse” at the shop-turns out it was old liquid egg that had been splattered and not cleaned up properly. When dried, it smelled exactly like a dead thing.

    I regularly enjoy eau de dead mouse in the office while eating lunch. This is real mouse, not this old liquid egg nonsense. gah.

    Paul Quinn says:

    No zombie chipmunk? Dang. that would of been cool! Down right NUTS even!

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