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The Almanac is a labour of love for me.

It’s a project where I please myself first; I add & tweak The Almanac to complement how I work and give myself what I need and want to use in a creative business planner.

This year is no different and the additions to The Almanac make me giddy…

First year available as a bound copy!

Yeah! Bound!

Why? Short answer – because I wanted one.

The long answer, I’ll get to later… but right now – bound copies of The Almanac – for yourself!

One option is a hand bound copy that I assemble from my studio. It is coil wire bound (I use a Cinch to punch and bind) and has blank canvas panel covers so that you can customize the front and the back to inspire and motivate you with your own powerful words and images, all year long.

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Spiral Bound from Lulu

Spiral Bound from Lulu


There is a POD option from Lulu that comes spiral bound with the printed Almanac front and back cover.

Both are printed black & white interiors (colour just costs so much!) and both will come with digital versions of The Almanac.

The digital version will be emailed to the purchasers after purchase confirmation.

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This puppy is 316 pages; here’s what’s in it:

The Scribblings

Scribblings Index

Scribblings Index

I love my digital tools.

They help me rearrange easily and quickly and they help me throw in ideas while I’m on the go or involved in another task, as they come up, in real time – so that I don’t forget that I need to create a testimonials pathway… for instance.

However, as great as digital tools can be – they actually don’t help me at all in the creative stage.

In the brainstorming… ideation, organizing thoughts stage – I need blank paper.

I need to get it all out on paper and see it.

I need to be able to look at the thoughts in my brain – and then I need to be able to find those thoughts later.

Scribblings Pages

Scribblings Pages

Solution? The Scribblings… 144 blissfully blank (numbered) pages in The Almanac.

How to find your thoughts again? The Scribblings Index – a simple tracking device; record in The Index what each page of Scribblings is about and you’ll never lose that amazing idea for a blog post that you wrote down last month while you were brainstorming promo posts for your new event.

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Dated Monthly & Weekly Planner Pages

There are Daily planner pages too (digital PDF) – but they don’t work IN The Almanac… they’d work great as a gummed tear-off pad. I could POD those too… Hmmmm…

I just wandered off for 40 minutes to look up POD and print options for offering the Daily Planner pages as a notepad.

The POD options suck – the base price is $12.95 – WAY too expensive.

I can actually get them printed full colour, 5″ x 8″ 25 sheets and sell them for $6 USD… something to consider.

The dated calendar starts off the month and is followed by 5 weeks of Weekly Planner pages.
The weekly planner is paired in a spread with a “Cultivations” page – this is the focus/goal/manifestation worksheet. What’s most important this week? what do you want to make happen? What do want to see arrive? Habits – create new ones or eliminate useless ones – put it in the Cultivations…. then plan your week around them too.

I like to add a fun manifestation each month. What fun thing can I encourage into my life? Last month it was laser pointers for the cats. Laser pointers arrived. It only took 28 days… and no one went out to buy them.

It’s fun to play with that – not just biz goals, but fun, magical stuff like that. When it arrives it strengthens the “believe”.

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It’s the believing that makes the magic.



The Harvest & a new mirror to your awesome self

imageThe Harvest, Merch Flow and Task & Action/The Thing pages are included in the planner. They’re bound at the beginning so you can start there and re-visit your previous year.

My harvest this year is going to be weird… I’ll still share it though.

There’s a new page called “I’m made for this”.

This is where we write in our goals for whatever time period or area of life we want (but probably an area we’re not feeling confident about), and then list all the skills, experiences, expertise and qualities about our awesome selves that makes us perfect to be able to do that thing with amazeball results.

I don’t think we always see ourselves accurately and sometimes we need a mirror that will only reflect “because I’m made for this” and “yes” and “you’re really amazing” and “I’m glad I know you”… so that’s why that’s there.

**Powers increased by a billionty if you can read the results to yourself in a mirror.**

Yes, you really are that fantastic.


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