Gimme Everything

When I first started working at Curry’s, I wanted to try everything. Clay, scratchboard, acrylics, gouache, lino block, screen printing, water soluable graphite, conte, watercolour…

©2012 Gimme by Lezley Davidson

I went crack-pipe wild buying up all kinds of new and exotic art supplies – most of which I dabbled in and then left to fester, ignored.

I drifted back to my foundations – drawing, watercolour, inking and acrylics.


False Fail

I felt like I had failed or wasted my time when I didn’t make more out of my experimentation. I felt like I wasn’t creative enough to make it work. I remember Jules, my boss at the time, laughing and dismissing my angst with a wave of her hand,

“Why waste your time being sad about what don’t do? You don’t have to do everything. You could spend the rest of your life exploring only watercolour and still just scratch the surface of what that medium can do…

Go do what you do well and do it the best that you can.”

She was smart. She’s still smart.

This whole scenario also applies to you when you’re contemplating all your online marketing and social media options. When your eyes are starting to roll into the back of your head….  facebook, twitter, hootsuite, wordpress, tweetdeck, tumblr, google+, linkedin, podcasts, youtube, vimeo, digg, stumble upon, quora, reddit, pinterest, deviantart, flickr, mobypicture, klout, kickstarter, indigogo…. omgomgomgomgomog….

©2012 Scales by Lezley Davidson


Just Breathe and Say No

You don’t have to do everything. You don’t have to be everywhere and on every social network trying to get the word out. It’s better if you choose one or two that you can really focus on and actually spend some time building real connections, real relationships and spreading your art around organically.

You don’t have to do every show, say yes to every offer, agree to every opportunity to show your work. Although it’s nice to have the appearance that you’re everywhere, you can’t create new work and spend every weekend at shows. There needs to be a sustainable balance between studio and promotion time.


You Are a Precious Resource

Your time and resources (especially in the beginning) are precious and limited. It’s better for you to hit those shows and those opportunities that will give you the biggest bang – based upon your specific goals for that given period. Talk to the people who are where you want to be in a year. Be in the places most associated with your best customer . Set your focus around those online communities that gather your best people.

You don’t want to be everywhere, you want to be where it will matter.

You don’t need to do everything – you need to do what you do and do it the best that you can.

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