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I love testing out new mediums and techniques for you, so I decided to create an area where you can weigh in and make suggestions yourself.

I’m going to have a notice box here with the mediums and materials that I have in the line-up for testing out on video.

I’ll add more as you guys suggest cool ideas and we’ll see how it goes. Huzzah!

I won’t be able to get to everything right away… and my own interest will be peaked by certain materials and I might jump on those suggestions first… so don’t worry if I haven’t gotten to your suggestion yet – I WILL! I’m just probably totally absorbed by something else right now.

Thanks for watching everyone!

Art Demos

In no particular order – these are the materials that I’d like to make videos about in the future:

  • Gel transfers
  • watercolour lessons
  • molding paste
  • Pebeo Stained Glass Paints
  • transparent watercolour ground
  • compare absorbent grounds between brands
  • water-mixable oils
  • lino block
  • brush & stroke comparison
  • Screen printing
  • Pearlescent Ink
  • Pearl Watercolour
  • Masking Fluid
  • Prima Watercolor Confections

Please leave your comments below to add your own suggestions!


Please leave your

suggestions in the comments!


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    SCoffin says:

    I would love to see a demo using water mixable oil paints please. 🙂

    Lezley says:

    Nice one Steve! I will totally do that.


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