imageI’ve always disliked hope being used as an affirmation.

Pretty little hope memes make me grumble… and I’ve never really investigated why I feel that way.

I just chalked it up to being one of the things that can make me an asshole sometimes.

But it’s more than that – and today I finally get why.

Today I was at the lake with Jules and we noticed dozens of geese in the water.

“I hope they come closer.”

BAM! Lights on – I get it!

Hope alone is powerless

What the hell could Jules and I do to make the geese swim closer?


Short of a bag of bread and “directed yearning” (ha ha Jules), we were powerless to affect the geese.

Without a plan and actual action – hope alone is as uselss as pinning all your biz results on a Magic 8 ball.

It’s like giving ourselves permission to dream about how “one day” it’ll all work out how we hoped – but not having to buckle down and do the actual work.

Hope is an open door & a call of intention

Hope signal that we believe that something is possible.

In opposition to despair, where all is lost and nothing can change – hope signals to the universe that we accept the situation as something that can happen.

Hope literally opens the door to that life, event or situation becoming manifest in life.

But that’s all it does.

Hope can open the door – but we must walk through and get down to the business of building the life we want.

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