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In order to become more organized and productive in my art biz, I came up with a checklist of steps required after finishing an art piece.

The idea is to slow myself down and tie up all loose ends of the admin process so that I never lose track of a piece and have all the information and images in one place so I’m not scrambling around later trying to find everything I need.

12 Steps to Organize Art

    Before you varnish:

  • 1. Sign the art.
  • 2. Date it somewhere on the piece – consider making an info card that includes artist name, title, media, dimensions.
  • 3. Scan or photograph.
  • 4. Clean and adjust the image.
  • 5. Add copyright & info. (artist name, title, media, dimension, key words)
  • 6. Name images properly > with ©nametitlesize if you like.
  • 7. Save hi-res image for print & low res image for web >> one folder per image with all formats and sizes included.
  • 8. Save to your art inventory database (publishing on May 2) – cheap and easy types are Evernote and Dropbox or a spreadsheet you’ve created. A more robust database would be something like Bento, eArtist or The Artist Archive.
  • 9. Add piece to any online store fronts you use (like Storenvy or Etsy).
  • Write about the piece on your blog – include a link to buy.
  • 11. Share on the web through social media.
  • 12. Email your mailing list with a link to buy (you may want to consider doing this before your post it publicly – it gives your list the special “VIP – first crack” at your originals.

There are other lists out there – for product launches, event planning, show promotion…

Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed something that you find valuable, or if you have your own ideas for a an art checklist.

Happy organizing!

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Discussion (6) ¬

    I like to tie up all the admin-type stuff for an art piece as soon as it's done. For me, it's easier to get it all done at once and know that I have completed, ready to publish files on the system than half-assed partially completed ones.

    I LIKE to do this – but I need reminders, so I made this checklist that covers all the steps I want to take to get a file ready.

    Let me know if you have a step that you think is valuable that I've missed.

    Kris says:

    What are your steps?

    Umm… my steps are in the list, in the post, above the comments.

    Tracey Bell says:

    That was very helpful.

    Oh good @Tracey – I'm glad. Thanks. 😀

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