I almost didn’t write this post.

…I was scared.

Then Seth Godin’s daily blog post arrived in my email box and it was like it was written for me.

Leave it to Seth Godin to make it feel like he’s giving me a kick in the ass.

Shit or get off the pot.

If I’m going to ask you to be courageous and share your art. I need to be brave and remain authentic and share what’s important to me.

This running my own biz thang requires a constant attention to and affirmation of my authenticity… or it can so quickly go running off the rails and become something else, something emptychasing views and subscribers instead of connecting hearts and lighting fires.

Meaning and Message

3640565143_c0057bcef2_o I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a new class, Branding, Message & Voice – a course on setting strong philosophical foundations to your art biz – and how to find them when you just don’t know.

It’s been wonderful.

I’ve been working with some great clients who have deep and powerful messages they want to share with the world. I’ve been immersed in meaning and passion and the resonant core of why we do the creative work we do.

I’ve been immersed in this bubbling pond of joy and I’ve wanted to write about emotions and how powerful emotions are to our business and how vital it is that we express our emotions in our art biz… but I hesitated.

I did not know… could I?

…then I cried at work.

Not a breakdown…

…no sloppy ugly cry, but with a customer, speaking simply about how my love Keith wished he’d had a chance to meet my father, who died a year before Keith and I met. (I have these conversations with strangers at work – I bet you do too.)

These random, unexpected moments together are rich and important… and the beautiful red-haired stranger (who smelled wonderful, like fresh laundry), squeezed my hand and told me she was glad to have met me.

Rich and real and powerful.

…my friends – October is all about the feels.

"Rawr!" Actually, Photobooth caught me mid-yawn, lol.

Actually, Photobooth caught me mid-yawn, lol.

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