I have a bunch of Tony Di Terlizzi’s books.
Forget kids – you don’t need kids to buy gorgeously illustrated kids books.

Plus, now that there are kids about the house – I’ve put Tony’s beautiful books up high, so that little sticky fingers can’t touch.
No jam on the dust jacket please.

I will read it tooo you.

No, you can’t hold it.

No, you can’t turn the page.

No, you can’t. Don’t touch. Put it down.

I like these better than you. (not really… but you still can’t touch them)

Here’s why:

©Tony Di Terlizzi

I have the Spiderwick Chronicles. And the movie. Yep.

©Tony Di Terlizzi

Who doesn't love ugly trolls? If not, you're no friend of mine. Begone.

©Tony Di Terlizzi

I have this, The Spider and the Fly. Pencil crayon! Wow.

©Tony Di Terlizzi

Oh, hello awesomesauce.

©Tony Di Terlizzi

I have Ted too. *beam*

©Tony Di Terlizzi

Do NOT have. Must get... need it, got it, got it, need it, got it...

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