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We’re living in the most amazing pants time when it comes to tools and technology to make running a business easier.

It’s important to know what’s available and to test out a bunch of platforms and see what works with your style of business and your personality.

Build a system that works. That keeps you on track and accountable for the tasks required to see your goals to fruition.

Go go gadget artist!!

Tools & Technology


Art A&A #62 ~ The Walnut Art App

This is a useful little app to help you visualize your art in situ.
What’s in situ? Now you have to click it.
Go on… click click.

Your Art Inventory

I wish this one had an easy answer. Pfft… Who builds an ugly interface for artists?

Think Forward with Your Art

Reuse, repurpose, resell. It’s being green with your art… and more money in your pocket. Win.

A photo editing software library for CHEAP (or free)!

Cheap! Free! Paying’s for suckers.

MailChimp is my Homie

I love this service. It’s amazeballs – and so much for free!

The Hippie and the Hard-Ass (Twitter Style)

Hootsuite and Buffer. I use ’em both in different ways.

Art A&A #7 – Productivity & Organization Tools

Tools! Things to help your biz. Stuff.


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