Trello logo imageIt’s no secret that I’m a big organizational addict and I love trying out new tools and techniques to get myself functioning more efficiently.

Trello & Zapier are my newest crush.

Since we separated the website into 3 distinct sections; Creative Biz, Learn to Art & Soul First – I have 3 separate blogs in need of content.

On one had – yay, focus! Seriously – it’s so much easier for me to write and find content when I can focus on just the one topic… *relief*.

On the other hand – 3 BLOGS.
Trello Screenshot All Boards
Trello is giving me a more visual way to organize and assemble ideas for posting on the blog.

I work in a funnel pattern and Trello and Zapier are helping me to work the way I do in a visual way – which helps me understand and organize my thoughts better.

The IDEAS funnel

In order to make use of all the great stuff out on the internet, we need a way to collect it and organize it so it’s not just a giant chaotic pile of lego blocks.

320px-Lego_Color_BricksWhen I find stuff that I like and want to save – I saved it in Evernote with a browser extension.

(A browser extension is a little app that you download that helps you use things like Evernote and Buffer and Pinterest without have to open up the whole application or navigate to that particular website.)

Evernote is great for categorizing and storing articles and pages and ideas from the internet – but I didn’t use it for ideas to help me plan my editorial calendar. I found that a lot of the great stuff I was finding on the internet wasn’t being shared or discussed or analyzed – it was just sitting in Evernote.

To me – Evernote doesn’t have an interface conducive to sit and contemplate files and see how they could work together as an on-going publishing theme.

Trello does.

I saw that right away in the demo – it’s set up for you to look at the whole thing at once and take it all in…
Trello boards

So Evernote acts as my catch all.

I save things I find in Evernote into a notebook called “Creative Biz Trello” or “Learn to Art Trello” or “Soul First Trello”.

Then I set up Zapier to link the two – anything saved into these notebooks in Evernote gets saved onto a corresponding board in Trello. The picture above shows my Creative Biz Trello board at work.

If I could clip and save articles directly into Trello from the internet – that would be ideal… and I’d probably not have reason to keep Evernote.

However, right now Trello doesn’t have any browser extensions for Safari that I can find. The iOS app and save to Trello on my phone works great.

Oh yeah – Trello is online and it’s got an app download, and it’s totally free.


I love the internet.

Categorize the Pile

Once the funnel has dropped a bunch of stuff into the shoot – we need to organize the pile so that it’s functionally usable.Learn to art categories screen shot

I’ve organized my boards based on the categories on my website.

That way if I plan on talking about or promoting a particular category for a month or two – I can look specifically at one board for inspiration.

You could categorize your boards based on media, or events or subject matter… what do you think would work best based on what you like to write about and share on your blog and social media?
Learn to art trello board

Make a plan – move it around

All the cards can be moved between lists and boards – they can go anywhere you want.

When I’m planning out a couple months in advance, what I’d like to be focusing on and promoting – I go through that category and select articles or ideas or whatever I’ve collected on cards that fits in with my plan.

I move those cards to my Editorial board, onto the months that I’m working on.

I can rearrange those ideas in whatever order works – or send them back to their category if they turn out not to be a good fit.

It’s way more touchy and interface-y than Evernote and it feels like I’m organizing post it notes on a wall. I can see where they belong in the group.
Tello Editorial Board Screenshot

This is my plan and what works for me.

Trello logo and title long imageI know a lot of people like to work with actual pieces of paper on actual walls.

For me – I lose little pieces of paper and I like being able to do this collecting and organizing while I’m waiting for the dentist or car repair. I don’t need a lot of space to organize my thoughts or my promotional plan with Trello.

Give a whirl. It’s free.
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