You had me at hello.

You had me at hello.

Clear Modeling Paste.


There IS such a creature??


Well, now I do and it will be my modeling paste of choice from now on.

Clear Modeling Paste

Now you can mix your acrylics with your modeling paste without everything becoming a big pastel mess.

It’s a wonderful thing.


Click to embiggen.



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Discussion (5) ¬

    Tri-Art is really raising the bar on the clear acrylic products.

    This video demos Clear Modelling Paste.
    Yes. It does exist… and it's as awesome as you'd like it to be.

    Go Tri-Art.

    (P.S. I'm not affiliated with Tri-Art or anything – I just like their stuff.)

    Yay!!!! Going to love this!!

    Jane Bucci says:

    Absolutely going to try this stuff! Love the concept!

    Barb Geiger says:

    I’ve seen clear modelling paste and their modelling gel. Have you compared the two?

    Lezley says:

    Hi Barb! I haven’t tried their modelling gel because so far I haven’t needed to have the transparency AND the thickness. Choosing a Gloss modelling gel will give you thick texture AND clear transparency – especially if you build up the texture in layers.

    The Clear Modelling Paste dries translucent – and it gets more opaque the thicker it’s applied. Hope that helps!

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