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There’s a theme here this month: recession proof your art biz by developing multiple revenue streams.

Like spokes on a wheel – if one spoke breaks, the wheel can still turn, carrying you and your art biz forward to the next opportunity.

The YouTube Promotion Driver

YouTube has gotten über ballsy with it’s features in helping you expose, promote and drive traffic for your teaching & art biz.

This is especially true for those wanting to promote their art classes:

Agnes-Cecile has a really powerful promotional effect with her sped-up videos.

*sigh – so good*

Personality Driven

If your personality is bright, fresh and inviting – you may want to create “entertainment” style, personality based promotional videos for your art.

You’ll be the focus of the video while you showcase your art through your personality.

You’re inviting your audience to connect just as much to you as a person as to your art.

ValsArtDiary is very effective as a personality driven brand on YouTube:

(42 000+ subscribers – I guess it’s working for her!)

Remember to add links to subscribe to your video channel and your email list in the videos!

News & Events

Promote your events by filming montage clips of the opening night at your show or convention or art in the park event, or studio tour.

Include links in the video to subscribe to your news and events updates.

YouTube can also be a viable revenue stream for those inclined in that direction. It’s well worth a look to see if it fits into your art biz model.

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