My vagina has folds.

My vagina has folds.

A couple days ago I posted about getting a Fuzzy Red Vagina in the mail from Our Taboo Museum.

This is unequivocally awesome.

However, there was some unfortunate Vagina Fallout after posting a picture and a link to the article on my Facebook page.

Let’s talk about it.

I had several people unsubscribe from my list because of that post, and I had a subscriber to my Facebook page flag the picture via Facebook and ask me to remove it because “something about it makes [her] uncomfortable”.

Well, duuuh.

That’s the point.

I mean, no, not really. I’m not TRYING to make anyone uncomfortable, but that was the point of the article – Our Taboo Museum is ABOUT attempting dialogue around the things that make us uncomfortable.

So, I attempted dialogue with this subscriber.

I asked what about the photo made her uncomfortable?

She replied “Your verbage.” (which isn’t actually a WORD by the way, it’s actually “verbiage”… but whatever, I’m not trying to be a TOTAL bitch here.)

So, I was confused and asked; was it the comments made about the photograph? or maybe she would feel more comfortable if I had named it something else, like NOT vagina?

No response.

So, I chose the Facebook option “leave it as is”, and now we’re here.

And I have a few things to say.

Firstly, fuck off with your attempt at censorship.

I’m surprised and a little bewildered that one creative would attempt to censor another artist’s work by flagging it and asking for it to be removed.

That just doesn’t work.

No cats in bins
chrisinplymouth / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

It is reprehensible for most of the artists that I know and work with.
From my point of view, the only time I will support censorship is when it is responsible for the cruelty or suffering of any living thing [be warned – the story is disturbing, especially if you’re a pet lover]. I don’t think art needs to kill or maim or create suffering to be created. Done.

Beyond that – I’m a supporter of the artists’ right to create.

Artists have long explored themes of human darkness and discomfort and thoroughly despicable acts of violence as an attempt to participate in the dialogue of said events. To share an emotional or visceral reaction, to create awareness… to be a witness.

This was not human suffering, it was just a vagina.

I believe the dark as well as the light of human experience is handled beautifully by artists and censorship is a bullshit reaction to discomfort.

Censorship is cowardice.

Life is uncomfortable. Get used to it.

No one is ever going to act they way we want. Get over it.

Asking for the removal of the discomfort is a chicken shit way of dealing with our reaction to it.

Let’s sit in the discomfort for a bit. Marinate in it. What comes up?

What is it in us that makes it necessary to remove the image?


Get a clue about who you subscribe to.

Really? Is anyone surprised that I’ve posted something a little edgy?

I’ve got a “F*cking Important” in the ABOUT section of my Facebook page. There’s a “F*cking Important” on the HEADER of my website.

It says: “We’re also a little inappropriate and tend to swear. A little. Sh*t.” Right in the About section of my Facebook page.


If you’re bothered, unsubscribe.
Discomfort over.


Interestingly, this just came up…

What if you don’t want the vagina, but don’t want to unsubscribe because you’re getting all this good stuff from me?

Well, then. You have some deciding to do, don’t you?

This is my biz. My voice. My value to you. Delivered My way.

You don’t get to change that.

You get to decide what YOU do. What’s worthy to YOU. What’s important to YOU.

What I do is beyond your scope of change.

If you don’t understand that the vagina is not my problem, then you’re probably not going to connect with most of what I post around here.

The Artist as Entrepreneur is strongly rooted in a personal responsibility, ownership, co-creator of our life and experiences framework. There’s not a lot of support around here for making excuses or blaming others for how we’re feeling.

And that, is the end of my vagina monologue. 😛

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