Human’s don’t currently have a predator; I think creating one is a great idea. : "The Quest to Build a Dinosaur"


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    Fesworks says:

    for science, duh.

    What’s the benefit? “For science” is exactly the self-serving non-reason I’m talking about. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should and “for science” isn’t a good enough reason to try and replicate a predator dead for millions of years.

    Hubris. Ego. Human idiocy. It’s rampant.

    Fesworks says:

    Why does anybody do anything? Because they can.

    Why try to bring a dinosaur to life? Calculate the “that would be awesome” factor with the “can we do it?” notion, plus the “can we get funding for it” variable. Multiply that with the the very core of human’s natural desire to do the impossible, push current sciences farther beyond what is thought capable, learn new things out of the process as a whole. Then apply learned sciences and discoveries to other avenues of life.

    Think of how many things that human kind has benefited from, by “accidental” discoveries made in areas completely unrelated.

    DaveB says:

    We have become evolutionarily stagnant. A few predators will help cull the chaff. Ultimately it will improve the herd.

    Hahahahaha!! Excellent.

    … Maybe the next evolutionary step isn’t physical.

    DaveB says:

    Uh, also, I’m curious what wordpress plugin you’re using to allow people to subscribe to comments. I’ve tried one or two but had trouble getting them to work. 🙂

    Akismet is all the awesome and spam fighter extraordinaire.

    DaveB says:

    Yeah I have that installed. I don’t know why the spammers even bother any more, nothing ever gets through. But I was asking about the plugin that adds the checkbox just above the comment entry box that will email the poster when anyone posts an additional comment.

    Oh…. Durrrrr – that’s not part of the Akismet settings?

    DaveB says:

    No it’s something separate. I can’t figure out what it is by looking at the HTML code on the page, and there’s a lot of them similar sounding ones if you go hunting for them in the wp-admin/plugins screen.

    Aaron Broverman says:

    This sucks, haven’t any of you seen Jurassic Park?

    tatianab says:

    A velociraptor would not be a human predator. In fact, they were possibly not predators at all. You’re thinking of the Jurrassic Park creation they named a velociraptor (which more closely resembles the dinosaur Deinonychus), which does not represent scientific reality.

    In reality they are about the size of a small turkey, which is why they’re being grown in such a small chicken egg. And rather than being a predator with cooperative hunting it is today theorized that it was likely a scavenger, like a vulture.

    Yes, I’m totally thinking about Jurassic Park – thanks for the real science update….

    But still – what’s the point? Just so we can pat ourselves self-congratulating for how smart we are?

    Look at us – we made a dinosaur.

    DaveB says:

    Well what if we could extant the dodo and it turns out that dodo saliva has the cure for Parkinsons? Or if Velociraptor bile cures obesity?

    (besides, Velociraptors were the size of chickens – Spielburg changed them to make then scarier for the movie)

    tatianab says:

    There are many moral and logistical questions brought up by the idea of resurrecting an extinct animal, and I believe science should proceed with both caution and regulation.

    But that line of reasoning, “what’s the point? just so we can prove how smart we are?” is scary. It would talk us out of so many human accomplishments, some of which do not have effects on society that are immediately, tangibly obvious. Space exploration and the moon landing come to mind! And sometimes scientific exploration lead to completely unexpected benefits. And sometimes downsides, too.

    But with every scientific advancement there’s always an outcry of “what’s the point!”, and often these outcries are characterized by scientific ignorance. Case in point, the reality of what a velociraptor actually is. People were scared and offended by the scientific investigation and invention of so many things! We should never stop scrutinizing science, but I don’t like this line of thinking, this idea that scientists are merely egocentric maniacs full of hubris. That’s the stuff of Hollywood movies. That’s so reductive, and kind of arrogant yourself to assume the motivation of scientists, which in this case includes the opportunity to study evolutionary biology in a pretty important way! It seems to me that if you’re going to condemn something like this publicly, it deserves to be a little researched first?

    Anyway! I am not saying that you are wrong, or that making a dinosaur is a good idea, but you and I are probably not the best people to decide that. I mean you asked, “what’s the point?” And yes, maybe the answer is a little bit to prove how smart we are and add the storage of human knowledge. I think it’s exciting that we might learn knew things! And geez, we could ask “what’s the point!” of so much good stuff that humans do! What’s the POINT of art, man! (Please don’t answer that.)


    These are all very good points and you share them in a really balanced way.

    I’m much more excited about research that has, to my non-scientific outlook, a more obvious benefit to earth kind right now. I don’t think all research is human hubris, of course not – but there is an enormous amount human ego and dogmatic support of science and research for the sake of itself. I certainly support regulation, but who’s doing the regulating when research is funded by private corporations?

    That’s what I’m saying.

    AND I’m a total tool for not researching the velociraptor before yelling about on the Internet.

    Stephanie says:

    because you can is one of the best reasons! The only thing better than that isto find out if you can.

    johninwr says:

    Hmmmm, about the size of a chicken…., I wonder what they would taste like and if they would be better than beef.

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