Wandering in the Dark

I don’t know if this is actually true, but it feels like other artists do all their shit work in school or in private and then show up on the internet with gorgeous works of art. I fall down a lot. And everyone can see.

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    Shane Kirshenblatt says:

    There’s something to be said for falling down, in that by doing it, you actually learn. Very few arists (students or professional) ever stop this process. If the artist’s work shows no progression, it usually means they’ve gotten too comfortable with some kind of formula and eventually, the boredom shows in the work. At this point, some just keep hacking out while others say “I’m going to do something about it.” I guess it’s the same with life; Those who are stuck somewhere usually choose to stay stuck, because it’s easier. Long story short, I have really enjoyed witnessing firsthand the progression of your work, both in terms of writing and art style. Because what you are protraying is, essentially, your life, it’s very personal to you and because you continue to change as a person, so does your art. I look forward to being taken in many new directions by your narrative and art. Don’t over-concern yourself with how other creators do things; It’s different for everyone.

    Thanks Shane, that was awesome, timely and well-put.

    I do compare myself with other artists especially one’s that i feel are successful… it’s like I want to see if I’m on the right track, how am I progressing in comparison with their progress… it’s like I want to know if I’m ‘winning’ or ‘failing’… but it’s stupid and not helpful. I either feel egotistical, or depressed.

    It’s difficult to create in a vacuum; but I need to focus on being inspired by other creators and comics instead of comparing.

    Shane Kirshenblatt says:

    No problem Leslie!

    Success boils down to how you define it, whether you’re referring to financial stability/wealth (as most do, sadly) or personal (and/or artistic/professional) growth. When we compare ourselves to others, there are usually two possible resullts: One, being that you are frustrated by the fact that you haven’t done as well or two, you set your sights to low in trying to “match” their success, which can undermine your own potential. Focus and hard work are the constant. These things can never be taken away from you, despite any outcome. When you’ve put significant effort into something, there is always a sense of accomplishment. There is no fixed timeline for success, and I actually grow weary of those who think otherwise, because they are more likely to give up when the going gets tough. Rid yourself of any expectations or assumptions and do thiings because they are challenging and rewarding. Success will be a natural bi-product. Enjoy the journey!

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