If you haven’t been here in awhile – welcome back and why yes, we have made some changes – thank you for noticing.

We’ve been working super duper hard to make things better here at

My wonderful IT grrrl Stephanie has been busy coding her little face off and making me plug-ins and themes from scratch!

Biz & Art & Soul are separate

For starters we’ve split into 3 sections – It’s like we’re 3 whole different websites! You can find the links to the other sections in the sidebar on the right – or click these bad boys right here:




Why did we make this momentous decision (and take on all this extra work to re-organize the website?)… because…

Not everyone likes Neapolitan

Neapolitan IcecreamI don’t like Neapolitan.

Neapolitan doesn’t give you any choice in the matter.

It’s the ice cream that tries too hard to please everyone.

I love vanilla. I love chocolate.

I do NOT love strawberry.

I love whatever is touching strawberry less than if it was on it’s own.

Neapolitan doesn’t make everyone happy.

It makes most people more sad than they would’ve been if they had been given the choice to have a just big bowl of chocolate in the first place.

Give people the choice

If you’ve been around for awhile maybe you saw the post I made at the beginning of the summer about losing my job and taking on full-time – woohoo!


I stepped up my focus and promoted and wrote articles and made new classes and really gave it my all and… nothing.

Not only nothing – but less than nothing. Like people jumping off the mailing list in record numbers.

Abandon ship and every man for themselves!

Well… huh. WTF?changes-quotes-7

I dug into my numbers and traffic sources and referrals and got a pretty good bead on what was going on.

I met with my business mentors and they said “duh” and I should’ve come see them sooner and then I was off! to make real the new plan.

I have 3 different businesses that I was trying to mash into one.

Creative Biz, Learn to Art & Soul First live harmoniously inside my person – but they do not market well when trying to shove neapolitan at everyone all the time.

I have people coming to my site to learn about a creative biz, to learn how to art or to talk about soul first philosophy and life choices.

Not all of those people want all of those things and I alienated 2/3 of my list whenever I sent an email.

Not a good business plan.

When given the choice…

Three quarters of my list jumped on the chance to chose their interests.

Can you believe that? THREE QUARTERS.

The one quarter leftover is going through a “reengagement process” in the next few weeks and if they don’t choose interests or click or open their emails – I’ll probably delete them.

They’re just taking up space if they’re not opening and reading and acting on my emails – it’s a big waste. Gone.

When given the option, people were like “Hell yeah, let me only get what I’m interested in and nothing more!”

So I gave them what they wanted and they chose their interests and now I have a much MUCH smarter list on my hands.

I can send emails to only those people who want to hear about whatever it is that they want to hear about. My open rates have gone from 22% (which is still super good – it’s 6% above my industry average), to 60% on my last send.

SO much better than unsubscribes by the dozens.

How focused is your list?

If you only sell one thing at one place – you’re probably good to not worry about segmenting your list.

If you have a couple different subject matters or mediums or maybe you sell originals and prints and merch… maybe it’s time you thought about segmenting your email lists and giving people the option of only hearing from you about the stuff that they care about.

You’ll have better open rates and look better to your email service provider.

You’ll get better numbers to work with because the niching down by interest makes the differences in engaged and not so engaged that much more apparent.

It’s easier for me to write too – because I know exactly who I’m speaking to; I’m not trying to make sure that everyone get’s something out of it.

Right now – I’m speaking to the Creative Biz peeps. I’m talking marketing and business – I’m not trying to get the art or soul first people into this conversation.

It’s clear to whom I’m talking. I know you.

What’s happening now?

So now if you want to learn some arts – you head over there.

Creative Biz stuff – you stay here and if you wanna rap about the soul first life – head to soul first and we’ll get busy there.

Each section will be updated a couple times a month and there will be a monthly round up of new material on the website that is sent to the email list – but will be only whatever was chosen as your areas of interest.

No one’s getting any Soul First stuff unless they marked themselves as Soul First in their areas of interest choices.

I’m working on VIP/email list only material that will go out to each list individually – but that takes time.

There’s also The Studio in Learn to Art which will house all the freebie art lessons. I’m working on them too as we speak – so there’s a lot of stuff happening, it’s just going to take time to publish.

If you’re interested – please shoot your deets in the box and pick your interests and we can get on the learning train together.

Woo wooooooo!

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