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I had a dream the other night where I was asked what I really cared about… what was most important to me.

Without hesitation I said:
“I care most about doing everything I can to help people follow through with their passions and desires here on Earth.”

That’s it.

That’s my passion. That’s my purpose.

I care about that so much that even when I get to thinking about it (like right now), I get this über serious intense tone going on like we’re talking about the end of the world.

In a way, that’s how I feel about it.

In a way, that’s what I think it’s about.

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Your dreams are for all of us

ImagineWorldI made this little illustration years ago and it’s naive and amateurish… but still so relevant to my life.

That’s my purpose. —————>

To encourage and convince as many people as possible that their dreams are real, valuable and attainable.

That the life that gives you the fullest amount of joy, love and satisfaction is the life you are meant to live.

That spending your life realizing your highest potential by courageously living out your dreams is a gift to all of us of how to experience being fully alive.

We are worthy and deserving of the joy-filled, satisfying lives we hear and feel murmuring in our heart selves.

It is not there by accident.

We do not dream of a joyous, loving, fulfilled life for no reason.

It is there to act as your map.

So NOT the easy life

I think we often misunderstand and even mistake the arrival of passions and meaning into our lives because we’ve equated a joyous, fulfilling life with one that is easy.

I don’t think that’s ever the case.

Not really.

Not ever.

In fact, choosing to live in passion and meaning makes things a LOT harder. The Universe responds to the purpose-filled life with the exact hidden fears and foibles that don’t generally come up on the regular in a life filled with distractions and consumption of external things.

Choosing to live your life consciously, pursuing the heart direction of your passions will shove you forcefully to encounter; the value and worth of your existence, whether you are deserving or good enough… are you lovable, do you matter, are you worth it, how will you live, will you starve, how can it even work out, will it be alright, how can it ever be alright…

Plus others.

Others that will be perfectly suited to your own fears and issues. These are mostly mine.

The purpose-driven life is harder. It requires more courage and balls & ovaries than all the pampered lives put together.

It takes resiliance and flexibility and honesty. It takes love and a capacity of commitment and dedication to higher guidance that may seem ludicrous to those living on the surface.

It’s getting dirty in the mud of life – blood and sweat and tears and totally, totally worth it.

feet splash mud



We are God Hari Bhajan KaurI can’t convince you to live this way – but I can tell you I’ll be here to support you and encourage you and share how I’m doing it for myself.

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I honour the Divine that dwells within you as the same that dwells within me.

Share your passions with us in the comments.

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