This is my first post from the mobile wordpress app for my iPhone. How awesome is this that I can sit in the sun right now (albeit – a wee bit close to the dumpsters), and yammer off a post about this app – or a post about whatever I feel like writing about. I’ll be skulking around the aisles at work, hiding behind paint racks or under drafting tables, crafting my next genius post… or more likely whining about what makes some people think it’s okay to test their Copic markers on our display or draw a giant phallus on our Prismacolor rack?

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    Really? No one commented on the phallus tag?

    I’m so disappointed.

    Paul Quinn says:

    Ha-Ha you said “RACK”

    You’re such a juvenile – I love it.

    Paul Quinn says:

    I love it when chicks say “rack”- thanks

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