Bedding and worms are in (they shun the light!). The ratio is 1:1 1/2 raw food to shredded paper/cardboard/dry leaves. I pureed up the raw veggies so they’ll break down quicker – I may not continue that practice.
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    Victoria says:

    My sister had worms for the longest time, then suddenly she had a whole bunch of them, she guess that the couple had babies. THEN all of them were gone, no where to be seen, my sister thinks the mom ate everyone. Then the mom worm died. No more worms for my sister.

    It was weird, there was a lot of drama, action, horror and more in that little compost.

    Wow…. Huh. I’m nervous now. I always feel the heavy weight of responsibility when taking on stewardship of a new animal. It’s easy to kill them through ignorance.

    Where did your sister keep them? Is it possible they all, escaped at once? I’d hate for mine to go cannibal (I’m a vegetarian!!!).

    Victoria says:

    I’m not sure where she stored the set up. If I remember correctly, shortly before the mother went murder-suicide, they family were rejecting the food, or not eating as much as they use to.

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