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I am unabashedly loving this idea.


It’s just so SoCal, retro, chic fun that I can’t get over it.

Every time I think about it I wonder what kinds of art I’d submit… but it’s harder if you’re outside the US – as you’ll see.

Art-o-Mat your art

Art-o-Mat are retired vending machines that have been repurposed into funky art vending machines – over 100 all across the USA!

Look – how awesomely cool are these machines!!??
ArtoMat Machines

So here’s how it works – because these machines used to sell cigarettes, your art has to fit a very exact size.

You submit either 2d art on a specific size wood panel, or you submit 3d work placed inside Art-o-Mat’s pre-made boxes.

They’ve provided the needed materials for artists to order very, very affordably.

They will only sell materials to artists participating in their program and they will not ship materials outside of the US. Wa-waaaaaaah.


Gallery of materials & specs:

Click on the thumbnails to embiggen the pics to see what Art-o-Mat offers it’s artists in the way of support materials to get your art in their machines.

I’m particularly stoked about the Prototype Kit. $10 for you to test out whether your ideas will work or your interest maintained.


Think of this as marketing & promotion

There are a load of FAQ for artists on Art-o-Mat’s website, which I encourage you to read before you commit to this project.

Some things to consider:


  • This is a juried process, so you have to submit an application to be accepted.
  • Art-o-Mat sells art in the machines at a flat rate of $5 a piece.
  • The artist receives $2.50 for each sale (so you better think about this as marketing & promotion – it certainly isn’t a huge money-maker).
  • They prefer to have some form of hand-made, original touch to the art work. You can’t just slap a colour copy on the block and call it a day.
  • This is a good place for creative enhanced reproductions (RRR) to come into play.
  • Consider how this kind of promotion fits in with your brand and style as an artist. Whimsical, merch artists, retro, comic/illustration, kitschy… all of that fits.
  • What doesn’t fit is a serious academic artist who’s looking to show in high end galleries. Nope.


In over 100 locations across  America.

In over 100 locations across America.


Have fun with this

If you can figure out a way to create 50 pieces of art on blocks quickly and successfully – consider having a load of fun with this project as a promotion.


Include your contact info

with every piece!!

OMG – yes… don’t forget to include your name, website url and email or whatever other contact information… best if it’s right ON the back of the image. You definitely want people to be able to find you.

Harness the synchronicity of Art-o-Mat… create a game or puzzle that brings people back to a page on your site dedicated to this project.

There is a huge tribal potential to be created from this project by providing people that received your art to connect with one another on your website or on your Facebook page or a group that you create specifically for this project.

It’s very grass roots and lovely… just lovely. It reminds me of guerilla marketing techniques. It’s not necessarily going to create a HUGE buzz – but it’ll be a memorable experience for the people who do connect and start to collect your work.
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