This is the new Almanac - new pages... basically I just make what I use and let you have it too.

This is the new Almanac – new pages… basically I just make what I use and let you have it too.

I love planning.

I love a fresh new year filled with possibilities and excitement and expectation.
I love re-connecting to what I’m here to do and why I love it so much.

This is what happens when I work the Almanac – I reconnect with Beloved Presence and I revive what inspires me.

I’m right in the middle of my Harvest with the Almanac… actually, I’ve just finished the Harvest part. I’ve unpacked my year and I get what happened and I’m ready to plan 2015 in a new direction.

So I made a calendar to help me look at it.

Yearly Wall Calendar

Yearly dry erase wall calendars are expensive. The ones that were big enough for me were like $400!!


I found these sticky wall calendars and figured I could make one of my own at about the quarter of the price.

Ta Dah!!

Yay! Can’t wait to be able to post sticky notes and mark ideas and plans into the year.
This is the top down big picture planning. This is how you can see patterns and cycles in your year and biz.

Work with your rhythms… not against them. Honour your timing… make an effort to connect to your flow…

I need to see my flow on the wall.

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