Give YOURSELF Permission

We’re no longer children, but we still get stuck waiting for people outside ourselves to give us permission to do the things we want.

I’ve been TERRIBLE at that.

waiting_for_her____by_carlovalente-d5jxa8uI catch myself waiting for approval from others before I move forward or make a decision – especially about my profession.

It’s ridiculous to think that anyone else is going to have a better idea of what we’re best suited to do than we will.

We are with ourselves 24/7 and are privy to ALL the real thoughts, beliefs and values that swim about our person.

Whether we admit it or not – not all of those perspectives make it out into the world, but it doesn’t stop them from being vitally important when choosing what to do while we’re here.

You may be perceived as gregarious and social because it is the best course of action in your current situation.

The reality may be that your highest enjoyment of work would best be pursued in relative isolation. If someone in that position is waiting for others to give them permission to change course, they may never be given the opportunity to do their best work.

This is a shame. And a waste. And relatively easy to avoid.

Do Your Best Work

You do your best work when you follow your own best instincts. Give yourself the permission to forge a new course – to be different than you were yesterday.

Give yourself permission to be different again next year or next month if that’s what’s required for you to work your highest ideal.

If you’re waiting for others in your life to agree with your path, you’re never going to be able to lead the way you’re supposed to lead.

You can’t forge a new path when you’re waiting for permission.


Go do your best work.

Go do the thing you came here to do.


Anything less is a waste.

For everyone.


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