You look GREAT!

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    Stephanie says:

    Good thing you brought your Lucky Cricket with you, otherwise that would have been an awkward silence…

    Not even lucky cricket could save it from the awkward…

    Paul Quinn says:

    you carry a cricket with you?

    How is it the metaphorical element got all the attention?

    Paul Quinn says:

    I was so blown away by your hotness, I had to turn my attention to something else 🙂

    Pffff – c’MON Paul… keep it believable! 🙂

    Paul Quinn says:

    okay you got me. I was staring at your rack. I didn’t even know that there was a cricket until someone mentioned it. 🙂

    Jules says:

    Hey! Just wanted to say I really like your new set up. Impressive!
    Also I don’t think any cricket is really lucky so maybe if you had chased the little chirper away, it would have been a better time.
    Also just wanted to comment. I will stop now:)

    Comment moooooooore…..

    bart says:

    Sorry, that was in response to Paul’s comment. I don’t know why it went way up here. I was just super bored and thought I’d try to come up with as many names for boobs as possible. Besides, this is old news right… ? Look at what havoc random comic generator wreaks.. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh WHY DID I CLICK IT!??? TEMPTATION!!!!!!

    I love the random comic button, it’s funtimes plus…
    (seriously, I dig the button).

    Stephanie says:

    Where’d you go with the big cushy chairs? They look comfy. 🙂

    They were the best part of the date. It was the Starbucks in Chapters. I can see hanging out in there and perusing the books.

    bArt says:

    Lezley is my cousin, but even I can admit – in a non-sexual way- that she has massive breasts, boobs, tits, knockers, melons, cans, jars, pylons, tetas (en espanol), milk machines, susu s (balinese – susu literally translates to milk), guns, cannons, bombs, missiles, ground to air laser guided rockets, nuclear holocausts, ta-ta s, shizzilators, basketballs, balloons, pillows, personal floatation devices, airbags, path clearers, bumper stops, headlights, hi-beams, attention getter s, masculine distraction units, ton-tons, galaxies, solar systems, universes….

    Paul Quinn says:

    yeah that was my reaction. BTW If you ever caught me staring at your girls, I DEEPLY apologize. I’m a guy after all, ’nuff said.

    OMG – PAUL!!!! It’s been so long… How ARE you???

    (Also, you can stare at my girls all you want – just no leering or creepiness. I assume most men are masters at staring without seeming like they’re staring. Secret man lessons.)

    Paul Quinn says:

    Still hanging in there, bitch of a day at work today but I’m taking it one day at a time. I would think if I do stare it wouldn’t be in the leering or creepy catagory. I can assure you that I look at with awe and respect.

    this is probably the weirdest conversation I think I’ve ever had. At least today anyway.

    And it’s public (yay interwebz!).

    Paul Quinn says:

    ah, life in ther 21st century!

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